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Our Karate Academy

Our exceptional instructors help build the foundations that will serve your children for a lifetime. Mosman Martial Arts Academy Youth Program offers an age-specific program, starting at age 3. Click to find out more.
We aim to engage you in a fun and exciting workout that will leave you focused and determined to become the best that you can possibly be and take your fitness and stamina to new levels of excellence and performance.
Karate and Kickboxing are fantastic activities for women of all ages to enjoy! Learn an effective form of self-defence to protect yourself and your family.
Karate is an excellent way to get fit mentally & physically. Our popular adult classes are taught separately to the children as both syllabus and learning style are different. Qualified instructors teach traditional Karate, Kyokushin, Shito Ryu, Kempo, Kickboxing and effective self defence.