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Mosman Martial Arts Academy - Winner - 2017 Local Business Awards - North Shore - Outstanding Fitness Services

Our exceptional karate instructors (World and State Champions) help build the foundations that will serve your children for a lifetime. Mosman Martial Arts Academy Youth Program offers an age-specific program, starting at age 3. If you are living in North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Mosman or Cremorne please click below to find out more about our amazing kids karate classes.
Beginner friendly. Kickboxing Skills and Drills, Technical and Tactical, Sparring.
We aim to engage you in a fun and exciting Kickboxing workout that will leave you focused and determined to become the best that you can possibly be and take your fitness and stamina to new levels of excellence and performance. We cover Neutral Bay, North Sydney, Mosman and Cremorne. Welcome!
Capoeira has always been rich and beautiful. We find everything in Capoeira: life philosophy, dance, self-defense, fitness, art and culture. We shouldn’t learn Capoeira in order to cause trouble with it, but instead use it in the hour of defense when necessary. After all, in its life philosophy Capoeira is love, celebration, and also joy. If you live in North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Mosman or Cremorne join us, join Capoeira!
Mosman Martial Arts Academy is a leading North Shore Sydney based trainer in practical personal safety awareness and self-defence courses for women, men and children. We are passionate about people's right to feel safe. One of our central beliefs is that everyone should empower themselves with sensible, highly effective and easy to remember techniques, an essential life skill in today's society. Neutral Bay, Cremorne, Mosman or North Sydney... very convenient if you live nearby!
Unique opportunity for all Neutral Bay, North Sydney, Mosman or Cremorne karate fans. Karate is an excellent way to get fit mentally & physically. Our popular adult karate classes are taught separately to the children as both syllabus and learning style are different. Famous instructors (World, National and State Champions) teach traditional Karate, Kyokushin, Shito Ryu, Kempo, Kickboxing and self defence.

Our Instructors:

Our professional team of instructors hold some of the highest qualifications in Australia. Most of them are Martial Arts World, National and State Champions! Through teaching methods which have been successful since Mosman Martial Arts Academy was established, you or your child will benefit mentally and physically through training with Mosman Martial Arts Academy in Sydney. Our instructors are qualified under the Martial Arts Australia and International Martial Arts Alliance accreditation scheme, have Working with Children checks and First Aid certification.

Our Academy actively promotes the achievement of recognised professional qualifications for Martial Artists. It is not enough to just have a high grade to teach a class – one must have training in coaching.... although obviously all of our senior instructors are also high graded Black Belts! Our school runs an instructor training programme developing good quality instructors who can teach at the school and we often have senior instructors that attend our seminars and special courses.


  • 50+ years of training in combat sports/martial arts
    35 years as an Instructor of Shinbukan (Japaneese Classical Martial Arts)
    Australian Commitee Member of the Budokan (largest & premier martial arts federation in Japan)
    National Referee of Powerlifting Australia
    Secretary of Australian Sumo Federation
  • Styles: Boxing, Classical Japanese Swordsmanship NITENICHI-RYU Kenjutsu and SHINBUKAN Iaijutsu, Karate Classic, Sumo, Budokan
  • Qualifications: Formerly Head of Junior Boxing - PCYC Woolloomooloo, Formerly Senior Boxing Instructor & Committee Member - PCYC North Sydney, ABA Boxing Instructor, Australian Sports Commission - Coaching General Principles, Shinbukan Iaijutsu Instructor - Menkyo Kaiden Teaching License, C2 Community Recreation, C2 Emergency Medical Service First Response, National Referee and Secretary ASF, Powerlifting Australia National Referee
  • Started Training: 1967
  • Why I started: Born in Japan, I was introduced to Japanese combat systems from an early age. A life-long student of martial arts, I have a particular passion for classical Japanese swordsmanship and have trained for more than forty years in Japan and Australia. As well, I have always enjoyed classical western boxing and have been instructing as an ABA coach for the past decade preparing fighters at all levels. Training has given me life-long fitness, health and a positive attitude which helps me enormously in my ‘day job’ as a stuntman working in television and film.
  • What I love most about Training: Camaraderie and friendship! And of course, skills acquisition along with physical, mental and psychological well-being that is your reward for training hard!
  • Why I’d recommend it to you: Regardless of your experience and irrespective of whether you intend to compete or not, you will nonetheless be trained as a fighter. Your skills and fitness will develop in progressive stages in a safe, positive and encouraging training environment. Beginners/novices will be gradually acclimated to safe sparring and will be paired with an experienced mentor. Come and give it a go!
  • Actor and stunt background: Bill trains Australian stuntmen and choreographs action scenes for the film and TV industry. He has appeared in major motion pictures and Australian television as an action/stunt actor such as ‘The Wolverine’, ‘The Story of Us – Kokoda’ and ‘Hacksaw Ridge’.

  • Sydney Karate All Styles Champion 2015
    NSW Karate All Styles Champion 2014
    Sydney Karate All Styles Champion 2014
  • Styles: Shito Ryu Karate, Kick Boxing and Self Defence Instructor
  • Current grade: 3 Dan
  • Started Training: 2001
  • Farzad has been National Champion for three years in a row.
  • Why I started: I wanted to learn an effective, widely taught system of self-defence and Karate seemed the perfect choice.
  • What I love most about Karate: Yes, Karate’s a means of self-defence. But I think it’s a way to better yourself too, helping you stay calm in everyday situations. Karate is also something you can spend a lifetime studying and I love that constant challenge.
  • Why I’d recommend it to you: Karate has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in self-defence, health and fitness, or taking part in competitions. We’re lucky to have such an experienced instructor teaching us and there’s never a dull moment in Sensei’s classes!

  • Styles: Goju-ryu and Uechi-ryu Karate, ITF and World Taekwondo Federation, Hapkido, Chinese Kickboxing
  • Current grade: 1st Dan
  • Other qualifications: TAFE certified Fitness Instructor
  • Started Training: 1988 at university
  • Why I started: I wanted to practice an individual sport and learn self-defence. As a sport, karate provides a method of testing our abilities in a controlled environment. The Kumite (fighting) is fast paced not only for the spectator, but requires precision skill and control by the competitor. The kata (forms) competition shows a combination of grace and power in technique through a series of choreographed movements that represent the competitor defending themselves in a multi attack environment.
  • What I love most about Martial Arts: When done properly it's the best way to stay fit and healthy and enjoy your confidence.
  • Why I’d recommend it to you: For Health. Martial Arts is a great way to reduce the sedentary behaviours from this digital age. Karate consists of a good mixture of cardiovascular endurance, strength training and flexibility exercises that are designed to benefit the whole body. Our purpose is to make sure that you work at a level that is comfortable, yet challenging. People feel good when their healthy, with a healthy body, you have a healthy mind. Everything from waking up in the morning, and thinking clearly at school or in our jobs in this fast paced society that we live in becomes easier to deal with and more enjoyable when your body and mind are in tune.

  • Styles: Taekwondo and Karate
  • Current grade: Black belt (Shodan)
  • Qualifications: BA (Hons), Graduate Certificate in Research Studies (UWS)
  • Jia has been a taekwondo and karate instructor for 5 years, with an emphasis on teaching youngsters.
  • Started Training: 2005
  • What I love most about Training: I started training in martial arts to make myself stronger, fitter and reduce stress. What I have come to value most about training is the friendships I have formed with my fellow students. My future goal is to specialise in speech movement research and continue contributing to the martial arts programs at MMAA.

  • All Japan Karate Champion 2012
    Australian National Kyokushin Champion 2009
    China International Kyokushin Tournament Champion 2009
    World Cup Karate Championship, Japan Runner- Up Champion 2001
  • Styles: Full Contact Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai and Self Defense Instructor
  • Current grade: Black Belt, 5th Dan
  • Started Training: 1994
  • Why I started: I joined a Karate class as a teenager for the opportunity to be trained by one of the best full contact karate instructors. By the age of 21, I achieved second place in the World Cup Karate Championship in Japan 2001. Karate is my passion and i have always tried to improve my skills and knowledge. It is very satisfying to teach students the skills and techniques I have learned along the way.
  • What I love most about Martial Arts: My karate training has provided me with physical and mental fitness as well as self-confidence. Karate has given me a healthy and happy life.
  • Why I’d recommend it to you: Karate will give you confidence, fitness and self-defence. Your reflexes will rapidly improve along with a stronger cardiovascular system. The ability to cope with the stresses, strains and pressure of everyday life are further benefits.

  • Styles: Kickboxing, Boxing, Traditional Karate for Kids and Self Defence Instructor
  • Current grade: Black Belt
  • Started Training: 2001
  • Why I started: As a teenager I was attracted to the oriental ethos of discipline, respect, dedication, pride in what you do and striving to reach your personal best. That’s why I took a keen interest in Kick Boxing. I was young and I saw some classes, read some books on the subject and was captivated. So I started training just before Easter 1995 and the rest is history.
  • What I love most about Kickboxing: There are so many things. But overall, I’d say it’s an art you can make your own: whatever your age or physical ability you’re able to push to achieve your personal best and that’s hugely (and endlessly) rewarding.
  • Why I’d recommend it to you: Unlike some things I’ve tried, you can see and learn from super experienced, inspiring instructors from day one, without spending a fortune. Also, you train as part of a close-knit group in a club, but you don’t have to worry about the politics of team sports.

  • Styles: Boxing
  • Qualifications: Boxing Australia Level 1 Coach, Australian Sports Commission Community Coaching
  • Started Training: Mosman Martial Arts in 2016
  • Why I started: I enrolled my daughter into the kids karate class at Mosman Martial Arts Academy, she had a smile on her face for the entire first session so I signed up the next week to trial the boxing class for myself. Originally, I thought I would come once a week, however as it turned out I fell in love with boxing and the culture and before I knew it I was training everyday.
  • What I love most about Training: It’s helped shaped me into the person I want to be and it’s a place where I can be “me”. Through the training I’m physically and mentally stronger, empowered, confident, disciplined, and appreciative of the friendships developed as well as the laughs and jokes of each session!
  • Why I’d recommend it to you: Boxing is one of the most effective ways to get in shape and maintain your physical health, and it’s a lot of fun too!

  • Styles: Taekwondo, karate, boxing
  • Qualifications: Taekwondo amateur fighter - placed 3rd in Pairs Poomsae and Individual Sparring at the recent Australian University Games
  • Started Training: Mosman Martial Arts in 2016
  • Why I started: I have always enjoyed a variety of sports and could never pick one to focus on. I've found that martial arts combine elements/skills of different sports and allows me to enjoy the benefits and fun of a very well-rounded activity. Since I started, I've been very inspired to train to the very best of my ability!
  • What I love most about Training: I love martial arts as I have become aware of my individual physical potential, and am able to appreciate and respect others' abilities and skills as well. Also, with every different kind of martial art that I participate in, I find myself learning a lot about the culture and history too!
  • Why I’d recommend it to you: Practicing martial arts is great for self-defence, physical fitness, mental health and is also a great social activity! You can join and participate at any age and it is a fun and interactive sport that teaches individuals more about themselves as well as the history within each martial art. You may never realise your potential unless you try so I highly recommend giving it a go and become a better you!

  • Styles: Capoeira, Brazilian Jiu Jitzu and Tae Kwon Do.
  • Current grade: Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • Josh also trained extensively in Krav Maga for 3 years while undertaking service in the Israel Defence Force. Krav Maga consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from aikido, judo boxing and wrestling, along with realistic fight training.
  • Started Training: 1999
  • Why I’d recommend Capoeira to you: For Fitness, you can let it go stress, physical and mental ballast and focus on the music with technics. In parallel, obtaining a special new family in this Martial Art.
  • More about Josh: At Mosman Martial Arts Academy, Josh is an instructor in Capoeira, having trained for several years in the art since he was 16 years old. Josh is particularly fond of Capoeira as it combines creation, music and acrobatic techniques that make you confident and at the same time develop motor coordination, strength, agility and responsibility. Josh believes that Capoeira teaches one the fusion of strength, thought and soul in each hit. He particularly loves teaching Capoeira to children as it combines the fun element of music and fitness therefore enabling children to have fun, develop a useful art skill and to feel free in their mind and in their spirit.

  • Styles: Kids Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Prenatal Yoga
  • Current grade: Kids Yoga Instructor and Level 1 Yoga Teacher.
  • Started Training: 1996
  • Why I started: My first yoga classes were slow paced and provided a wonderful break from the stress of studying while I was at university. I later discovered vinyasa yoga, which provides a wonderful balance between strength training, a cardio workout and relaxation. After having my two children, I wanted to get them involved in my practice and we love doing yoga together.
  • What I love most about Training: It is the best way to workout your body and clear your mind. You can forget about life’s worries and focus on your own wellbeing.
  • Why I’d recommend it to you: Yoga is for all ages. Kids Yoga is fun and playful, but also provides kids with important tools to deal with emotional situations. They are learning life skills for a healthy body and mind.

  • Styles: Taichi from Introductory (Level 1) through to advanced (Level 8)
  • Current grade: Level 8 in Taichi
  • Started Training: 1996
  • Why I started: I wanted to learn an effective, healthy, wellness exercise that concentrates on posture coordination, breathing and calmness of mind and spirit. Also Traditional Chinese Medicine have long been my academic interests and practice
  • What I love most about Training: Taichi is an ancient Chinese exercise-art with a healing and rejuvenating power due to its extended choreographed movements based on traditional Chinese medical theories, breathing and stretching techniques.
  • Why I’d recommend it to you: Taichi has something for everyone it suits people of all ages.

  • NSW State Kata Champion
  • Styles: Karate Traditional and Self Defence Instructor
  • Current grade: 2nd Dan
  • Started Training: 1978
  • Why I started: My Karate career started in 1978 at the Castle Hill JKA (Japanese Karate Association) Karate Club at the age of 12. I gained my sho-dan black belt in 1981 from Sensei Takahashi. I also trained with Sensei Nakamura the head of world JKA. I was one of the youngest black belts in Australia at the time. By the age of 18, I was teaching two nights per week. I had to leave Sydney in 1984 to study medicine and was not able to continue training. In 2001, I began training again in Newcastle while working as a country GP. I moved back to Sydney in 2004 to begin specialist Emergency Medicine training. I have also worked for the ADF and UN in overseas deployments.
  • What I love most about Martial Arts: I am conscious of the need for people to gain a good working knowledge of Self Defence, in the same way as being familiar with CPR skills. You never know when you will need either of them. Hopefully, the average person will never need to use them. It is important to be prepared for yourself and for others. I teach Self Defence skills the same way as I teach CPR and first aid. As a doctor and a father, knowledge of both these skills is important to have at your fingertips. The more you practice, the better. They can also be fun.
  • Why I’d recommend it to you: It helps if people who attend the specific course such as Self-defence also do other types of martial arts, like karate and kick boxing.

  • Styles: JUDO, Kudo Karate, Budo Karate, Shito Ryu Karate, Kick Boxing and Self Defence Instructor
  • Current grade: 3rd Dan
  • Started Training: 2003
  • Ali 3 Dan has trained extensively in Karate and Kick Boxing.
  • Why I started: In Karate I found a sport that’s physical and technical, and where there’s a clear pathway for progression: the belt system.
  • What I love most about Martial Arts: The challenge, variety and longevity.
  • Why I’d recommend it to you: Karate and Kickboxing are positive activities for many reasons. They provide flexibility, balance (mental and physical), coordination, fitness and visibility on progression. Karate provides a vital ‘switch off’ time while providing you with all the challenges of a great sport.

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