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What about my level of fitness?

No previous experience is necessary and you are never too old to start!

Physically training enhances strength, coordination, stamina, balance and flexibility. What’s more, you are learning to defend yourself whilst you exercise!

Martial Arts practice trains the mind as well as the body, resulting in improved self-awareness, discipline, confidence and determination. Although at no time will you be forced to do anything you do not want to - we will encourage you to push through your perceived limits, and beyond.

Karate will also test you emotionally. You will learn to control fear and anger whilst developing an ‘indominatable spirit.’ Not only will you become more confident that you can defend yourself, but your confidence to tackle all of life's trials will grow.
Martial Arts for Kids!

The first key to helping your child is to increase their confidence.

One of the most rewarding activities that your child can be involved in is the MARTIAL ARTS!

Our popular Little Ninjas class (4-7 years) is an age specific curriculum that is designed to teach children important life skills in a safe, fun and exciting environment.

For kids between 8 and 13 years old our popular Samurai classes teach effective self defence and promote anti-bullying through traditional Karate. The syllabus includes both striking and grappling skills, traditional forms (set sequences known as Kata,) break-falling and throwing.

Most importantly, it is impressed upon them that what they learn is not to be used on others outside of the classes, unless it is in self defence.
Kickboxing | Kick-start the new you

Kickboxing classes at Mosman Martial Arts Academy provide a fun and energising total fitness workout popular with men and women alike. A combination of martial arts and boxing training and techniques – our kickboxing classes provide fantastic results

Our Kickboxing and self-defense classes give you a great workout that include muscle toning, stamina building and also greatly helps with weight control.

The thing that differentiates our classes from other fitness orientated classes are that they are goal driven. It is not the same routine and occasionally changed every couple of sessions, our award winning sessions focus on you working toward the coveted Black Belt.

Our Academy have a unique atmosphere that makes every beginner feel like a member before they have joined. We offer programs that have a specific level of grade to be aimed for and can easily be reached with the right commitment and training.

You’ll learn the Martial Art of Kickboxing, and realistic Self-Defence. With each class, you will increase your conditioning, coordination, balance, and develop quicker reflexes as you learn focus pad combination skills, punching and kicking techniques to pads, Kick-shields, and learn practical self-defence techniques from a variety of attacks, directions, and positions.

Kickboxing is a cardio-based form of exercise raising your heart rate, increasing your stamina and losing weight. You will also learn how to strike focus pads, kick-shields and kick bags, increasing your power through technique, this accelerates your learning by programming your muscle memory, also quickening your reflexes and more than doubling your hand and leg speed. Each kickboxing and self-defence technique is tailored to you so that each move is proportionate to your own height, weight, and reach. Breath control is also taught to maximise striking potential and stabilisation. Kickboxing is perfect for calorie burning, waist slimming and muscle toning as well.

Considered a progressive martial art, Kickboxing combines hand, leg, striking and movement, using both hard (tension) and soft (relaxation) movements, in all four ranges of combat, including: kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling. You’ll learn techniques that provide models of self-defence from common attacks including punches, grabs, chokes, pushes, kicks, take downs, weapons and even multiple attackers.

It's an excellent class for developing your overall fitness, conditioning, speed, flexibility, power and co-ordination. The classes combine solo drills such as working on the punch bags or working partner drills on the focus pads. This is an upbeat, fun class and is designed to provide an excellent workout while developing practical skills. The ethos of the gym is reality based martial arts so everything we teach has to be able to be applicable in real life. The kickboxing syllabus is designed to be used in self defence situations as well as a great method of getting in shape.

Kickboxing: the perfect antidote to corporate and city life
Whether you’re completely new to martial arts and kickboxing, a black belt, or simply looking to brush up on your skills, you’ll be inspired to reach your goals in a safe, friendly environment.

You won’t find any intimidating gym machines to navigate; no big egos or attitudes to contend with. Just well-structured kickboxing classes from expert professionals who make sure that the emphasis is placed on learning while having fun.

Come along and give kickboxing a go. For anyone 3 to 63, there’s no better way to learn new skills – and boost your mind, body and spirit.

Karate for KIDS - What to expect in a class...

All classes start and finish with courtesy and respect.Before we begin, every student must show that they are focused and ready to start, standing to attention.

During the class the students will learn basic kicking, punching and blocking. They will learn how to use their voices, how to fall safely and to protect themselves.

They will work with each other on techniques but this is always NON-CONTACT for safety. There is an element of fitness training and hitting soft pads, but all done at a level suitable for the age group.

Most importantly, it is impressed upon them that what they learn is not to be used on others outside of the classes, unless it is in self defence. Good behaviour is developed with all students, both in and outside of the classes.

Belts, Grading and behaviour

Goal setting is an essential habit for progressing in our modern world. In Martial Arts we use coloured belts to help set those goals. Every term we hold a “Grading and Tip Test Week,” during which Students are assessed to progress through the belts.

The student’s checklist includes items such as:
- Being honest and well behaved
- Helping out at home and taking responsibility
- Self-care, eating healthily and Hygiene
- Homework completed as requested
- Keeping their Bedroom Tidy
- Being ready for school on time
- Treating parents and friends with respect

Merit Badges

Similar to cubs and scouts, students can achieve Merit Badges for techniques and skills taught within the class. There are badges for individual techniques, forms, fitness, speaking in Japanese and other class skills. We run a regular badge weeks and record the student progress in their training packs.

Dojo Etiquette

The dojo is the hall in which you train, refine your skills and understanding of the Art. A deeper meaning is 'the place where you forge your spirit'. As such, it should be cared for and respected. Master Funakoshi, the founder of our Art, used to have 5 dojo rules which were called the dojo kun as shown below.

Dojo etiquette is an essential and core aspect of their training and, as such, is non-negotiable in concept and one that we expect any student (who wishes to be taught the Art) to accept.




The 3 Golden Rules of Training in Our Dojo