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Mosman Martial Arts Academy - Winner - 2017 Local Business Awards - North Shore - Outstanding Fitness Services

Our exceptional karate instructors (World and State Champions) help build the foundations that will serve your children for a lifetime. Mosman Martial Arts Academy Youth Program offers an age-specific program, starting at age 3. If you are living in North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Mosman or Cremorne please click below to find out more about our amazing kids karate classes.
Beginner friendly. Kickboxing Skills and Drills, Technical and Tactical, Sparring.
We aim to engage you in a fun and exciting Kickboxing workout that will leave you focused and determined to become the best that you can possibly be and take your fitness and stamina to new levels of excellence and performance. We cover Neutral Bay, North Sydney, Mosman and Cremorne. Welcome!
Capoeira has always been rich and beautiful. We find everything in Capoeira: life philosophy, dance, self-defense, fitness, art and culture. We shouldn’t learn Capoeira in order to cause trouble with it, but instead use it in the hour of defense when necessary. After all, in its life philosophy Capoeira is love, celebration, and also joy. If you live in North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Mosman or Cremorne join us, join Capoeira!
Mosman Martial Arts Academy is a leading North Shore Sydney based trainer in practical personal safety awareness and self-defence courses for women, men and children. We are passionate about people's right to feel safe. One of our central beliefs is that everyone should empower themselves with sensible, highly effective and easy to remember techniques, an essential life skill in today's society. Neutral Bay, Cremorne, Mosman or North Sydney... very convenient if you live nearby!
Unique opportunity for all Neutral Bay, North Sydney, Mosman or Cremorne karate fans. Karate is an excellent way to get fit mentally & physically. Our popular adult karate classes are taught separately to the children as both syllabus and learning style are different. Famous instructors (World, National and State Champions) teach traditional Karate, Kyokushin, Shito Ryu, Kempo, Kickboxing and self defence.

28 Years of Martial Arts Excellence

Top Class Instructors: Black Belt World, National and State Champions
Kids Karate Grading

NEW BEGINNERS COURSES CURRENTLY ENROLLING. We offer a great range of Martial Arts classes: Shito-Ryu Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, Sumo, Ko-budo, Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu, Self-defence. Whether you want to be the best, get fit or just have fun. Try us today and find out why our students rate us as the leading Martial Art Academy in North Shore, Sydney. You get FREE trial classes with no obligation!

General Costs

START UP fee of $49 (one-off payment)
- includes insurance and Martial Arts Australia & International Martial Arts Alliance membership fees.

Kids Karate Classes - Cost of training

SMALL STEPS: 10 classes per term for $22/class (once a week)
REGULAR: 20 classes per term for $21/class (twice a week)
ACTIVE: 30 classes per term for $20/class (three times a week)
CASUAL: $27 per class, subject to availability.

GRADING fee $55/Kyu/exam ($85 for brown and black belt) click here for details
- includes kyu assesment, certification, grade diploma, coloured belt, medal and commission examiners fees.

Kids packs are payable per school term. Full payment required prior to commencement.
Class duration: 40 mins

Adults Classes - Cost of training

A. PRE PAID (One off payment)
Choose a 5, 10, 15 or 50 class pack and make an one-off payment.

- 5 Pack, $125 (valid 45 days, $25/class)
- 10 Pack, $200 (valid 75 days, $20/class)
- 25 Pack, $425 (valid 150 days, $17/class) - MOST POPULAR!!
- 50 Pack, $700 (valid 10 months, $14/class)

There are Family Discounts valid for Pre Paid packs.
Choose a pack for each family member and get an extra discount:
- 5% Off 2nd Member
- 10% Off 3rd Member
- 15% Off 4th Member
- 20% Off 5th Member

B. PLANS (Ongoing payment)
Up to 4 classes a week. Choose a 3, 6, 12 or 18 month minimum term ongoing commitment where you pay fortnightly.

- 3 month plan, $39.5/wk
- 6 month plan, $36.5/wk
- 12 month plan, $33.0/wk
- 18 month plan, $29.5/wk

Equipment hire:
- boxing gloves or any protection gear (head, shin, body): $5/class

Class duration: 60 mins

Please check our daily SCHEDULE.


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